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Fur Kids get to be dogs and their parents get peace of mind


🐾Our professional pet care center offers The Whole Dog Experience. Trusting your pet to the care of our dedicated, trained staff benefits their overall health and well-being. Socializing your pup in our facility allows them physical exercise, energy outlet, mental stimulation, and confidence building.

🐾The Whole Dog Experience provides your pup the life skills that will deter unwanted behaviors such as separation anxiety and destructive habits, and will strengthen the bond between your pet and your whole family, creating a happier, more content home life

🐾We have two sets of clients – dogs and the parents who love them. Both depend on us to keep them safe and tire them out – and our Atlanta doggy day care is the right fit! Bark & Board is where your fur kids play with other fur kids in a comfortable, fun, safe supervised environment.

🐾Bark & Board doggy day care staff loves dogs and loves caring for them. They also understand dogs’ behavior as they want our fur guests to have the most fun they can in a day, keeping in mind their safety, health and well being.

🐾With our large indoor and outdoor yards, your pup enjoys free play all day, with a brief mid-day break for a much needed rest before the afternoon activities. And although they play all day long, we have quiet time for those dogs who could use a little rest in between their play, like puppies and seniors.

🐾To answer your next question, yes, we do offer half day daycare, too, if you need to be away for longer than you feel comfortable leaving your pup alone. Half-day daycare is five hours or less, and it’s at a reduced rate, of course.

Bark & Board Daycare with dogs playing

Our Hours

Our operating hours make it convenient for you to drop off and pick up your pup at the time that’s best for you:

  • Monday – Friday 7:00am-7pm

  • Saturday 8am-5pm

  • Sunday 12pm-7pm

*Checkout time for boarding is 2pm. Hours may vary during holidays.

“Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat.”

It’s what the dogs do all day, every day, and they do it in a safe, caring environment. And with our web cams, you can check in on your pup whenever you want.

Dog leaning on plastic fence at Bark & Board

Our Facility

We separate play by size and temperament, so your dog always has a friendly pack to play with. Our outdoor yards offer shade and pleasant breezes (without the worry of burning sensitive paw pads and a muddy dog on pickup!) with a beautiful view of Atlanta’s skyline. If it’s too hot, too cold or just too damp, the dogs have nearly 15,000 square feet of indoor yards and sleeping areas, which are climate-controlled, filled with natural light via banks of windows as well the sounds of relaxing music throughout the facility.

Our primary concern is the safety of our dogs, so all fur kids must be evaluated before they can join our community. We use the first day of doggy day care as a trial day – and it’s always FREE – so the dogs get used to the environment and we can learn their personalities. We also give parents a report card after the evaluation – you may learn some things you didn’t know.

Bark & Board Staff member with two dogs on a leash

Before Your Dog's Visit

We require current vaccinations for Rabies, Bordatella (Canine Cough), and DH-L or A-PP. The H3N2 flu vaccination is strongly encouraged. We do offer a 30-day grace period for the flu vaccine. All puppies MUST complete their final round of adult vaccines prior to attending their first day of daycare. This is so their immune systems are more fully developed and protected prior to entering a large group environment. We also require a completed and signed Daycare Agreement.


For more information on our Atlanta dog daycare services, visit the West Midtown or Brookhaven location pages for facility descriptions. Feel free to stop by either location at any time! We’d love to give you a tour and talk to you about our love for dogs. We also offer discounted daycare packages and a wide variety of retail.

Bark & Board Pet Points Rewards

Loyalty Deserves To Be Rewarded. Loyal pets—and loyal pet parents—are entitled to all the appreciation in the world. And we’re delighted to reward your repeated visits to us with a program that recognizes your support. Every dollar you spend earns a reward point. And every 250 points you collect earns a $5 credit on your next stay. Entry into the rewards program is automatic. 

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