Part of Your Family.

He helped determine if the “new guy” would become “the one.”

You trust her with your most precious possession.

Nanny. Pacifier.

Doesn’t mind the pink highlights and twelve tea parties.

Dress-Up Buddy. BFF.

Ran up to someone else at just the right time.


She knows you better than you know yourself.

Friends Forever. Unconditional Love.

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Part of your family. Part of your life.

Looking for doggie daycare and boarding in Atlanta that’s right for you and your fur kids? Dogs can be dogs at Bark & Board and you’ll feel completely relaxed leaving yours in our care. All of our dogs and their parents quickly become part of our pack, our family and our community.

We bet that, like us, you hate leaving your dogs alone. You don’t want to picture them staring at the door waiting for you and need to know they’re having fun and getting the same love, attention and care they get from you. Bark & Board is that place, whether your kid is a puppy, an active adolescent, a shy guy or content senior.

It’s our job to learn, and meet, your dog’s needs, including free play daycare, tailored play if your dog has special needs, and a quiet, soft place to sleep. After many years in doggie daycare in Atlanta developing loving, long-term relationships with our dogs and their parents, and raising fur kids of our own, we know.

“Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat.” It’s what the dogs do all day, every day, and they do it in a safe, caring environment. The Bark & Board owners are also the store operators. This means they’re in the stores daily to ensure your dogs are supervised by our highly trained staff.

After just one visit, your dog will leap from the car and pull you to the front door as soon as you get here because he’s so happy to be back with friends, both four and two-legged. Drop him off for a day or for a few, and at the end of his stay you’ll pick up a dog that falls asleep as soon as your car starts moving.

And a clean dog, too, if you want. In addition to doggie daycare and boarding we offer dog families in Atlanta pet grooming and supplies, with an expert grooming staff and puppy retail shop stocked with variety of premium dog foods and all-natural dog treats.

What our customers are saying

  • The staff at Bark & Board have exceeded our expectations since the very first time we brought our beloved Roxy to play back in 2013.

    Fur Kid: Roxy
  • We have been with Bark and Board since 2013 when we adopted our troubled rescue, Ghost. The staff at B&B have always been exceptionally responsive to Ghost's needs, finding new ways to keep him entertained, and always keeping him happy.

    Joana & Ryan
    Joana & Ryan
    Fur Kid: Ghost
  • The staff at Bark and Board loves my little boy almost as much as I do, and it shows in everything they do from daycare, to overnight stays, to grooming.

    Fur Kid: Chaz
  • I don’t just think of myself as a customer at Bark and Board, I believe I'm part of a community. I wouldn’t think of taking my dogs anywhere else. My Mom even takes her dog there. I recommend them to all my friends - even strangers at the pet store. I can't say enough positive things about Bark and Board.

    Fur Kid: Junebug