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Dogs with tongues out

About Us

Dog chewing on toy while laying in the grass.

You Can Count on Us

It’s our job to learn and meet your dog’s needs, including free play daycare, and a quiet, soft place to sleep. After many years in doggie daycare in Atlanta developing loving, long-term relationships with our dogs and their parents, and raising fur kids of our own, we know.

“Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat.”

It’s what the dogs do all day, every day, and they do it in a safe, caring environment.

Dog sticking its head out the window

Your Home Away From Home

After just one visit, your dog will leap from the car and pull you to the front door as soon as you get here because he’s so happy to be back with friends, both four and two-legged. Drop him off for a day or for a few, and at the end of his stay you’ll pick up a dog that falls asleep as soon as your car starts moving.

In addition to doggie daycare and boarding we offer dog families in Atlanta pet grooming and supplies, with an expert grooming and puppy retail shop stocked with variety of premium dog foods and all-natural dog treats.