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Bark & Board
Dogs and doggie daycare are their life

Where do we start with the dog tale of Scott and Stuart, founders of Bark & Board, Atlanta’s happiest and most-trustworthy doggy daycare and boarding facility? It’s a heartwarming dog story that goes back much further than their roles as owners and operators of Bark & Board.

They just love dogs

Scott and Stuart met in 2002 and quickly realized two things:  they had a mutual love for animals and seriously missed having dogs in their lives. In 2004, they adopted Monty, a black and white terrier mix, from Atlanta Pet Rescue, who immediately became the love of Scott’s life. A few years later, they adopted Emmett, a small gray and white Aussie shepherd/terrier mix with ice blue eyes, who is Monty’s best friend and baby brother.

Monty and Emmett are inseparable. And the unconditional love and the unbridled joy they provide Scott and Stuart has had a huge impact on the human pair, ultimately leading them to their current joy, Bark & Board.

The Bark & Board dog daycare and boarding history

After many years in corporate America, Scott knew he was ready pursue his real dream—combining his love for animals with his passion and talent for entrepreneurship. As he explored ways to make the dream reality, Scott decided the dog daycare and boarding world might allow him to realize his dream.

If doggie daycare was to become his life’s work, Scott needed to understand all aspects of operating a loving, safe facility. He worked in every role at a local dog facility, starting as a staff member in the back of the house working with the dogs, moving to customer service in front of the house, becoming assistant manager of one location and then becoming manager of another location. He was then promoted to director of store operations for all of their Atlanta locations.

Scott loved his work, but after four years, he was ready to open his own dog day care facility in Atlanta. Scott and Stuart decided to purchase an existing location. In 2010, they formed Bark & Board, LLC, and began their entrepreneurial journey . Then in 2012, Scott and Stuart opened a Buckhead store, a boutique location focused on small and medium sized dog daycare, grooming for all dogs and a retail space selling premium dog food, treats and toys.

Although you’ll find both men at both stores, Scott is responsible for all things Westside while Stuart oversees all things related to the Brookhaven store. Together with their team, they are building Atlanta’s upscale, trust worthy, family destination for dogs and cats. A community where pet parents can feel secure that their fur kids are well-cared for, safe and having fun.

When they are not working

GuideDogFoundationScott and Stuart spend almost every waking hour with Bark & Board. And even when they’re not working for the stores and caring for Bark & Board dogs, it’s still all about the dogs. They volunteer with the Guide Dog Foundation, raising puppies to be guide dogs for the blind. This labor of love is close to Scott’s heart, as his cousin’s daughter is blind.

In four years, Scott and Stuart have raised a golden retriever/lab mix, a yellow lab and two standard poodles. Currently they’re raising another standard poodle named Maxwell.  They teach the dogs basic commands while exposing them to new experiences and taking them where any guide dog might go, helping to build stronger guide dog candidates.

Scott and Stuart go into each love affair knowing their time with the pup is short; after about 18 months the dogs leave their temporary Atlanta home for formal guide dog training and placement with a loving companion. They are comforted knowing they make a lasting impact and the dogs they raise will help someone for years to come.

Bark & Board Founders

Scott & Monty

Scott grew up in the Vermont countryside with no siblings or nearby neighbors. His dogs, including German Shepherds, Dobermans and lots of lovable mutts, were his protectors, his confidants, his best friends and his family. Through college he returned home and visited his furry friends, but his career took him to Atlanta in 2002.

Stuart & Emmett

Stuart grew up in Columbia, South Carolina with big dogs: Three St. Bernards, a pair of collies and a Great Dane. College and a busy start to his career left little time for the added responsibility of pets. But when he moved to Atlanta in 1996 Stuart adopted two cats, which were best suited to his busy lifestyle.